Korean Skin Care Routine Part C: Protect

The last two steps of the Korean skin care regimen are concerned with protecting your skin from future damage. You can follow the other Korean skin care routine steps to a tee. But if you skip out on the last two steps, your results probably won’t last long.

korean skin care 10 steps

9. Lock in the hydration with a moisturizer.

This one should be familiar. Many of us have already incorporated moisturizing into our daily skin care routines once or twice a day.

Moisturizing is a great way to protect your skin’s elasticity from drying and cracking — necessary for keeping the age lines away.


10. Protect from UV damage with sunscreen.

If you haven’t included sunscreen in your regular skin care routine, you’re missing out on valuable skin protection. Even if you don’t live in a sunny place.

But before you pick the sunscreen to be included in your daily Korean skin care routine, be sure to read how some sunscreens do more harm to our skin than good.

korean skin care products
Experiment with Your New Skin Care Routine

Now that you’re familiar with the popular Korean skin care regimen, you’re probably thinking about all the new skin care products you’ll have to buy. But not so fast — read how you can get the most out of the beauty products you have before going skin care shopping.

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