Korean Skin Care Routine Part B: Repair

This part of the Korean skin care regimen is dedicated to repairing and preserving your skin. Korean skin care steps 4 through 8 are the most customizable depending on your skin type and your areas of concern.


4. Prep with your favorite toner.

Some of the skin care products we use expose our faces to free radicals (you can read more about it here.) That chemical reaction happening on our skin can set its pH off balance. That’s where toners come in.

Including a toner in your daily skin care routine helps restore, hydrate, and prep your skin to absorb the next products.


5. Revitalize with an essence.

One of the most important and distinct features of the Korean skin care routine is the use of essences. Essences are absent from most of our skin care regimens, but they’re excellent at hydrating and repairing damaged skin cells.

Korean skin care

6. Even things out with a serum.

Do you have issues with hyperpigmentation or rosacea? Then you need a strong serum. If you don’t have issues with uneven skin tone, you can skip this. Any any case, you can use serums for a variety of skin issues.


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7. Re-hydrate with a sheet mask.

For the Korean skin care regimen, the sheet mask is a staple. Sheet masks offer concentrated hydration and skin repair like no other skin care product. Use sheet masks for about twenty minutes once or twice a week.


8. Protect the skin under your eyes with an eye cream.

Korean skin care regimens include eye creams because the skin around our eyes is extremely sensitive. Even if you don’t have issues with undereye puffiness or dark circles, your daily skin care routine could benefit from an eye cream. Eye creams can both repair and protect the skin around our eyes from damage.

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