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When we talk about anti-aging skin care, we’re usually thinking about products for our faces. But our faces aren’t the only part of us that reveals our true age. And even with a face as smooth as a 25-year-old’s, a crepey decolletage or age spot covered hands can easily give you away.

Lucky for us, beauty & fashion writer Aja Mangum joins Just Ask David to divulge all of her anti-aging secrets — specifically the lips, hands, and decolletage. Aja has written for the likes of Bloomberg Businessweek, Men’s Fitness, MANHATTAN, Angeleno, Brides, and more. Prior to freelancing, she served as the Beauty & Market Editor at New York magazine.

How to Maintain Youthfulness in More Than Just Your Face

Though many of have anti-aging skin care routines, few of us actually do more than treat the skin on our faces. By the time wrinkles and age spots start to appear in our hands and chests, the damage is already done.

“I was watching television and saw this fabulous actress,” Aja recalls. “You can tell she spent a lot of work on her face. She looked amazing, but then, her neck… and I just kind of had that moment of, not feeling bad for her, but [her hands] were clearly an afterthought.”

We know that prevention is the best approach when it comes to anti-aging, but we need to be paying attention to more than just a youthful face. Neglecting other parts of our body is a dead giveaway for our age.

Anti-Aging Treatments That Aren’t For Your Face

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As discouraged as you may be at first, don’t believe that your hands, lips, and chest are doomed forever. There are anti-aging treatments out there that can really make the difference in the appearance of your skin.

For hands, Aja recommends the occasional hand masks to rehydrate the skin. After seeing the results on a colleague, she’s a fan. “The extra step of using a hand mask made a world of difference,” Aja says. “If you want to take time out for  yourself, it takes ten minutes.”  

The decolletage can be protected from future wrinkles with sunscreen, but if the damage is already done, Aja recommends using overnight collagen patches. “Basically, you cleanse your chest with these cleansing disks that contain glycolic and lactic acid to exfoliate,” she explains. “Wait for it to dry, and then you put these silicone patches on your chest. Stick ‘em on — super easy — go to sleep.”

Anti-Aging, Beauty, and Fashion on Your Social Media Feed

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