10 Bad Skin Habits You May Overlook

We all probably have bad skin habits to some degree. That’s because there are so many things that can influence the health of our skin, like environment, diet, lifestyle, even down to our little daily rituals in the morning when we get ready for work. And many of...

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Are Essential Oils Making Your Skin Break Out?

I’m always talking about how the skin care and beauty industry are dropping over processed products in favor of essential oils and all-natural ingredients. Many of us think that because something is “natural” it is automatically healthy and good for us. But that isn’t...

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4 Delicious & Secretly Healthy Holiday Recipes

  Holiday parties can be nerve-wracking on their own, but having to plan a menu of heart-healthy foods for the holidays can seem almost impossible. Coming up with healthy holiday recipes for the entrees and appetizers is usually pretty easy, but what about...

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Top 5 ESSENTIAL Nutrients for Healthy Hair

Many of us go through periods when our usually strong, healthy hair appears dull and lifeless. Some try to resolve the issue by using hair products that promise healthier, stronger hair. These products may work with regular use, but they’re not addressing the root of...

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Try These Effective and FUN Halloween DIY At-Home Facials!

  On Halloween, home facial treatments are the last thing on anyone’s mind. Everyone is buying face paint and spooky makeup for the final effects of their Halloween costumes. But that doesn’t mean that you can neglect your skincare routine! Check out my special...

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