More Men’s Grooming Tips with Special Guest Barret Wertz

Men’s grooming is booming in the beauty industry -- especially during Movember. But men’s personal grooming is more than just keeping facial hair tidy. Skin care matters, too! The Grooming Editor founder Barret Wertz returns to Just Ask David to share some of his...

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Green Design 101 with Special Guest Chriss Slevin

Many of us have decided to go green in our own way. Some of us choose to drive energy-efficient cars and some of us are committed to recycling every week. We have a better understanding of sustainable living than we did in the past and why it is important to the...

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Celebrity Beauty Secrets with Ebby Antigua

Celebrity beauty secrets are such a mystery. Our favorite celebrities always look so good when we see them on the big screen or in a magazine. Surely they must have beauty tips that we know nothing about, right? Some of the best celebrity beauty secrets in Hollywood...

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FaceLove Facial Massage with Special Guest Rachel Lang

A facialist is probably the last place we’d go to get in shape. But we work out our legs, abdomens, arms, and plenty of other body parts -- so why don’t we ever work out our faces? Holistic Facial Massage Facial massage for beautiful skin and overall health has been...

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