Relaxation Vacations with Special Guest Tanya Christian

Anyone who has a stressful career or works long hours knows the feeling of desperately needing a vacation. You feel overwhelmed, run-down, and out of fuel. Blogger and editor of ESSENCE magazine Tanya Christian knows all about relaxation vacations and even has a list...

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Let’s Talk with Special Guest Chris Downie

Everyone who’s hopped on the fitness bandwagon in the last few years knows about But for those of you who don’t know, the SparkPeople app and website are valuable resources for all things health-related. The CEO and founder of Chris...

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Fashionable Sustainability with Special Guest Greta Eegan

As we move toward a more technologically advanced world, sustainability has become an increasingly important topic. Personal care products, clothes, food, electronics -- manufacturing these things all require resources and potentially create waste. Many of us are...

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Beauty Industry Innovation with Special Guest Simon Pitman

The beauty industry is quickly becoming a hotbed for clever innovations that cater to a diverse variety of needs. These days it seems like there’s a beauty product for every skin type, hair texture, and lifestyle. But how did the beauty industry change so fast? Senior...

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Athleisure Trends with Lauren Parker

Have you noticed how popular Athleisure style is these days? Sure, more people are probably working out than in the past, but if you’ve noticed, people who aren’t even going to the gym are often decked out in yoga pants and a bowling bag. I’m talking about athleisure....

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